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Married, poly, pagan, plump, pain in the ass, hmmm what other p words ... In general I am very crafty, and am always willing to try a new project at least once. Mainly I knit and spin and cook, and frequently I am watching TV at the same time.

I Have just a *small* obsession with fan fiction (just tiny really, I mean it) Buffy, Angel, QAF, Supernatural, SGA and NO I don't do crossovers. (okay *sigh* I read one a few weeks ago and it was kind of cute ... but never again *really*)

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acoustic music, alternative lifestyles, angel, angel the series, arlo guthrie, ats, babylon 5, baking, beatles, bitch magazine, bittorrent, books, brian/justin, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, capricon, captain tightpants, charles de lint, chicago, chocolate, chosen family, civil liberties, civil rights, co-parenting, cohabitation, cohousing, cooking, creativity, cuddling, dar williams, dark chocolate, dyeing fiber, equal rights, erotica, fairy tales, fan studies, fan-fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, feminism, fiber, filk, filk music, filkers, filking, firefly, first amendment, folk music, folk tales, food, free speech, free thinking, freeform knitting, friday night lights, friends, friendship, gaming, gardening, geek, great big sea, guitar, heinlein, history, homeschooling, indigo girls, individual rights, intentional community, john crichton, john prine, joss whedon, jossverse, judeo-pagans, kat eggleston, kevin smith, knitting, knitting socks, liberal, logan echolls, lois mcmaster bujold, magic loop, mary doria russell, men, moxy fruvous, music, my own music, mythology, ncis, neil gaiman, pagan, paganism, poly, polyamory, pro-choice, qaf, qaf fanfic, qaf fic, queen kahuna, queer as folk, ravelry, reading, real genius, religious freedom, reproductive rights, robert heinlein, roots music, sandman, science fiction, scifi, serenity, settlers of catan, sex, sga, shakespeare, singing, slash, sleeping, smut, social cloud, spike, spike/buffy, spinning, spn, stargate, stargate atlantis, stranger in a strange land, supernatural, terry pratchett, the princess bride, the sparrow, thinking, toe-up socks, veronica mars, winchester brothers, windycon, winnie-the-pooh, witchcraft, wonderfalls, wool, yarn, yoga
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